Special Lessons

Aqua Skills Swimming

Aqua Skills run a couple of special sessions throughout the year. We will include the information below when they have been scheduled.

Intensive Course 2018 - Croydon High School

At Croydon High School we’ll be running an intensive course from 24th – 27th July 2018. We’ll be running Beginner and Intermediate (widths) sessions, 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 from 9:00am 10:30am. These sessions will be half an hour and will run for the full 4 days (unfortunately there is not the option to choose individual days).

Group Class - 4 x £8.80
1-2-1 Class - 4 x £27.50
2-2-1 Class - 4 x £40.00 (for two swimmers)

Speciality Lessons - Croydon High School

In addition to this we are going to offer something for our more accomplished swimmers. If you have a child that normally swims in an Intermediate 2 class (widths, at the deep end) or above (any lengths class) then there are two separate options for you

1 - British Sub-Aqua Club Snorkelling class

An ideal class for anyone who is planning to swim in the sea this Summer. Please click here for more details on the course details

2 - The Royal Life Saving Society Rookie Lifeguard

This class is for those wanting to learn skills that could help save others in difficulty. Please click here for more details

This sessions will be 1 hour long starting at 10:30am and last 4 days Tuesday to Friday and each course will cost £65, there will be an award once the course has been completed successfully (at no extra cost).

Spaces are limited for these courses please get in contact if you would like to book any of these courses, preferably by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.